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inciLo _ Rent min-trucks_SCVs in India Android App

For Business

inciLo _ Rent Three Wheeler

Capacity: 500 kg

Size: 5.5 x 4.5 x 5 ft



Base Fare: Rs. 250 up to 3 KM
After 3 KM: Rs. 26 
per KM
Waiting charge after 2 hours: Rs. 45 per hour
Return to pickup location : Rs.10 per KM

Extra charge after two drops: Rs. 30 per drop

Help your business grow better with inciLo. Fill the form and inciLo will connect with you 

You have a business requirement to hire or rent loading truck easily which saves your time and money. Everything in one place, wheather you use it on your mobile or laptop. No need to worry now contacting and bargaining rates with drivers, book a mini-truck in less than 5 seconds


inciLo _ Rent Loading auto for Business


inciLo _ Rent Loading auto for Business - Wholesalers


inciLo _ Rent Loading auto for Business - Manufacturer

Electronics showrooms, Furniture stores

Home improvement retailers, Florists, Caterings, and others can book any loading truck for their intra-city transport needs.

You are a wholesaler in FMCG, Textile or a Ecommerse, where your products needs to be delivered to retailers and customers. Now hire the trucks easily

Manufacturing industries like plastics, chemicals, paints, foods, textile can hire our inciLo to deliver the raw material and goods to their vendors and customers

Pay as you use

Dedicated Software





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